FKI Logistex Takes Aim at Difficult-to-sort Items with Latest Cross-Belt Sorter

S-3000CB offers solution for handling fragile products and hard-to-grip packages

S-3000CB offers solution for handling fragile products and hard-to-grip packages

Frederick, MD — January 11, 2006 — Material handling specialist FKI Logistex has taken the wraps off a new cross-belt sorter intended to provide accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items that present difficulties during traditional sortation, such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages.

The S-3000CB cross-belt sorter could be used in a range of applications, from post and parcel to distribution and manufacturing, according to FKI, and the unit's design and sortation process can be tailored to facilities of varying size and any type of product or package.

With individual, motor-driven belted carriers, the S-3000CB features horizontal item discharge and induction to ensure precise positioning and orientation throughout the sortation process, FKI said. In addition, because of its horizontal induction and discharge, the S-3000CB can accommodate a diverse mix of products and package types within an individual batch of sorted items.

Carriers on the S-3000CB accelerate to match induction speeds. Sort discharge can be optimized to a specific product rather than averaged across a range of product. The accuracy of discharge from S-3000CB carriers allows for closer discharge chute centers and selective positioning of sorted items within a chute.

S-3000CB cross-belt sorters operate at speeds up to 472 ft/min (2.4 m/s) at just 65 dB(A). Also, the S-3000CB uses a non-proprietary control system for better flexibility. The S-3000CB offers a variety of induction options, from multiple small items to longer, heavier items. It features the ability to sort heavy items to one side of a discharge and smaller, fragile items to the other.

Standard S-3000CB cross-belt sorters are designed with a single cross-belt cart per carrier. An optional double-cart version is available to meet specific sortation requirements, FKI said.

Finally, the solution provider said that the S-3000CB's modular frame and cart designs reduce the amount of time required for commissioning. Its streamlined assembly features a minimum of moving parts, reducing wear-and-tear and increasing system life, according to FKI.

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