Satisfying Retailers' Global Data Synch Requirements at Catania Spagna

Oil and vinegar supplier leveraging single RedTail solution for EDI and data synchronization needs

Oil and vinegar supplier leveraging single RedTail solution for EDI and data synchronization needs

Westborough, MA — January 26, 2006 — Oil and vinegar supplier Catania Spagna Corporation has adopted a B2B connectivity platform from RedTail to satisfy global data synch (GDS) requirements with its retailer customers.

Catania Spagna, which supplies retail, foodservice and industrial customers with branded and private label oils and vinegars, had been meeting its electronic date interchange (EDI) needs by outsourcing them to RedTail.

But the company recently adopted RedTail's new RedTail Transaction Manager with Xpress Conveyor (RTTM-XC) platform, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, to help satisfy retail trading partner requirements for synchronizing item data.

RedTail said that RTTM-XC gives mid-market and enterprise level companies fully integrated solutions that comply with standards for EDI, GDS and radio frequency identification (RFID).

Mixing EDI and Data Synch

A long-time customer of RedTail and user of RTTM for EDI, Catania Spagna moved forward with RTTM-XC for synchronizing item data, leveraging existing knowledge and business processes to perform global data synchronization activity through a single, integrated solution.

According to RedTail, Catania Spagna selected RTTM-XC because it realized that integrating EDI and data sync requirements directly to the back office reduces the costs of managing multiple applications, recruiting internal resources and changing existing business processes.

"RedTail and Catania Spagna have a relationship that dates back several years, and we are always able to count on RedTail for strengthening our competitive position with applications and processes that complement our existing platform," said Jennifer Basile, retail sales coordinator for Catania Spagna. "Having a single solution to manage EDI as well as our new GDS requirement saves us the time and expense associated with finding and implementing stand-alone, non-integrated solutions. RedTail Solutions provided us with out-of-the-box GDS functionality that is basically an extension of what we are already doing today without having to alter existing business processes."

Automatic Integration with Back Office Apps

The first release of RTTM-XC was designed to satisfy the needs of manufacturers that require a simple, easy way to load, maintain and publish product data through certified data pools such as 1SYNC, according to RedTail. By combining EDI and GDS into a single solution, RedTail said its SaaS platform enables customers to conduct electronic business with their key accounts through automatic integration with their back office systems. The platform enables this in a way that complies with all standards and meets evolving industry requirements, the solution provider said.

"While electronic data interchange and global data synchronization are B2B processes required by our customers, the process doesn't have to be complicated," said Patricia Meisner, CEO of RedTail Solutions. "We are happy to see Catania Spagna join RedTail's growing list of EDI customers that are now leveraging RTTM for GDS. The release of RTTM-XC in October 2005 completes the first step along RedTail's technology roadmap to provide manufacturers like Catagna Spagna with end-to-end supply chain visibility in a true SaaS platform that eventually will integrate business processes between trading partners."

RedTail's RTTM application now serves as a single-source system for EDI and GDS that is integrated with the supplier's product information. It is available with transaction-based pricing for suppliers that wish to perform EDI and with subscription pricing for those in need of data synchronization capabilities.

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