Small Pet Supply Company Tames Major Retailer's RFID Mandate

Pet Friendly participates in radio frequency identification mandate at Wal-Mart request

Pet Friendly participates in radio frequency identification mandate at Wal-Mart request

Greensboro, NC, and Fairhope, AL — January 27, 2006 — Pet Friendly, a supplier of pet products and services, and IDVelocity, a radio frequency identification (RFID) infrastructure and process management software provider, have teamed up to tame the Wal-Mart RFID mandate.

Hand-chosen by Wal-Mart to participate in the mandate because of its size, Pet Friendly now ships RFID tagged products to six distribution centers. The IDVelocity solution allows them to add shipping sites on a graduated schedule as Wal-Mart requirements change.

"Wal-Mart requested we participate in the RFID program for two reasons: One is our size. We're a small company that has 85 percent of our business supplying Wal-Mart," said Charles Weinacker, chief operations officer for Pet Friendly. "Second is our performance. In the 14 years we've been a Wal-Mart supplier we've never missed a ship date. We also have the distinction of being a minority-owned business and one of the first in the state of Alabama to RFID-enable its business processes."

Pet Friendly chose the ComplianceNow software solution from IDVelocity due to its ability to immediately meet the retailer's requirements, as well as provide a platform for future growth and return on investment from RFID.

"We are so much more than compliance," remarked Britt Peace, IDVelocity account manager for Pet Friendly. "Our solution leaves Pet Friendly with a strategy for making RFID-enabled processes a business revolution, not just an increased cost for being a supplier to Wal-Mart."

Weinacker agreed with the business revolution aspect of RFID and Pet Friendly's new found advantages afforded by the IDVelocity solution. "We're a company with an eye toward tomorrow's economy. We've started looking at how we can streamline incoming inventory from our suppliers using RFID. The IDVelocity solution is a key part of our growth using cost-saving processes."

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