McJunkin Corp. to Improve Product Information

Industrial distributor selects software from Silver Creek Systems to improve data quality and usability for better customer service

Industrial distributor selects software from Silver Creek Systems to improve data quality and usability for better customer service

Charleston, WV, and Louisville, CO — January 31, 2006 — Industrial distributor McJunkin Corp. today announced that it has selected Silver Creek Systems, a provider of enterprise data usability solutions, to improve its product data quality and usability.

McJunkin said it hopes this will enable faster, more accurate and complete services for McJunkin customers across many industries.

"Inconsistent and incomplete product information has been a problem for distributors for as long as we have been in business. As a result, we have always invested heavily to scrub and cleanse our data, but with almost 500,000 constantly changing items we needed a better way," explained James Underhill, senior vice president of Accounting and Information Systems for McJunkin Corp. "Rich product information is becoming a differentiator for us. It allows us to offer value-added services to our customers and also drive internal operational efficiencies."

McJunkin has selected the DataLens System from Silver Creek Systems to improve the quality and consistency of their product data. The DataLens System uses semantic technology to understand complex product data and restructure it for improved usability, allowing delivery of product information on-demand, anywhere inside or outside the enterprise.

"With Silver Creek's DataLens System we are looking forward to rapidly improving the consistency and usability of our data and with it our ability to meet customer needs in innovative new ways," added Underhill.

Silver Creek Systems said its solution will allow McJunkin to enhance and enrich its Corporate Item Master with more complete descriptions and product details for search and usability. In addition, McJunkin can import and standardize new product information more quickly, whether from new suppliers or from M&A activity. The enhanced data quality will be valuable in improving the speed and accuracy of customer quotations.

"We compete on our ability to absorb and manage information from many sources better than our competition. The more complete our product information, the better customer service we can provide," said Rory Isaac, senior vice president of National Accounts for McJunkin Corp.

Barbara Mowry, president and CEO of Silver Creek Systems, said, "Distributors are not only part of the physical supply chain, but also the information supply chain. Leading distributors recognize this and are investing in their ability to better manage product information to generate additional revenues, operational efficiencies and customer service."

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