Timberland Taps iCongo for Internet-based Sell-side Supply Chain Systems

Footwear company deploying e-marketing and e-commerce system to improve operating efficiencies and customer service

Footwear company deploying e-marketing and e-commerce system to improve operating efficiencies and customer service

Montreal — February 9, 2006 — Footwear producer The Timberland Company will be implementing an e-marketing and e-commerce system from iCongo to allow its non-EDI customers, account executives and customer service representatives to conduct their sell-side business processes online.

The applications being implemented by Timberland include iCongo's ICE3 Catalog and Online Order Entry System, a customer portal, a suite of marketing and communication modules including a content management system, an e-mail campaign manager, as well as an "online" and "offline" sales force automation system.

According to iCongo, the platform will enable Timberland's customers, account representatives and customer service personnel to conduct business transactions online and to obtain detailed and up-to-date product and order information, including order history, order status, product availability, pricing and account status.

"iCongo has extensive footwear and apparel domain knowledge, and their systems have been designed to meet the needs of companies like Timberland that operate on a global basis," said Todd Moxham, director of business development for Timberland. "We are excited about leveraging the integrated iCongo solution to enable Timberland to further enhance our service to our customers."

Timberland expects to begin the phased rollout of the system late in 2006.

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