Voxware Aims to Extend Voice-enabled Solutions Deeper into Warehouse

Debuts VoiceLogistics Pro solution to allow WMS, logistics solutions providers to incorporate voice into their offerings

Debuts VoiceLogistics Pro solution to allow WMS, logistics solutions providers to incorporate voice into their offerings

Lawrenceville, NJ — March 29, 2006 — Voice-enabled logistics specialist Voxware has debuted a new application intended to enable logistics solution providers to independently deliver voice solutions to the warehouse, promising to lower the cost of voice solutions and give the solution providers greater flexibility in the types of offerings they can deliver to their customers.

The new VoiceLogistics Pro solution enables the development of open, platform-independent and configurable voice solutions using a Web-based visual development studio. Voxware is targeting the new solution at warehouse management software providers and value-added resellers (VARS) of logistics solutions.

Voxware said that solution providers can interactively prototype VoiceLogistics Pro solutions with their customers without major expenditures on IT development. This helps ensure that the result will match customer requirements before the system is deployed, resulting in cost savings.

Helping the Migration to Voice

"VoiceLogistics Pro provides the business agility that many logistics operations seek by allowing customers to effortlessly migrate between different wireless devices, operating systems, databases and warehouse management systems or back-end systems," Voxware said in announcing the new software.

Features in VoiceLogistics Pro include a visual design studio for configuring voice interfaces and workflows; a graphical integration tool for direct-connect interfaces to WMS and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications; and a component-based, service-oriented architecture that enables solutions to be configured at a high level rather than programmed at a low level.

The new solution also offers a technology stack based on the common Internet standards adopted by many customer enterprises, including VoiceXML, HTTP, Java and web server technologies, and platform independence, with support for various wireless client devices from different manufacturers, according to Voxware.

Expanding Applications for Voice

Jef Morrow, vice president of marketing at Voxware, said that although VoiceLogistics Pro has just been released, Voxware already has trained a few VARs in its use with the Beta version over the last couple months.

"Voxware has already proven to the logistics industry that voice works anywhere in the warehouse and works in any labor-intensive logistics application. Now, with this new software, the end user can enjoy the benefits of voice in many more places, in many more ways and from many more providers," Morrow said.

Morrow noted that the release of VoiceLogistics Pro builds on the VoxBrowser solution that Voxware released last year. VoxBrowser, a VoiceXML- and browser-based client software designed to run on any Windows CE mobile computer configured for logistics voice solutions, allows logistics solution providers to add voice capabilities to any voice-compatible wireless computer, expanding the application of voice benefits across logistics and warehouse automation.

A New Direction for Enabler

"VoiceLogistics Pro, along with VoxBrowser that we announced last year, are software products, and that represents a change in direction for Voxware," Morrow said. "We had been providing hardware for customers. With VoxBrowser we got out of the hardware business. We decided instead to sell software. So we enable the entire hardware layer of the logistics industry."

Morrow said that LXE and Symbol Technologies, to leading logistics hardware solution providers, have endorsed Voxbrowser and will incorporate it into their offerings to enable voice solutions.

With VoiceLogistics Pro, Voxware is extending its customer base to include providers of other logistics solutions, including WMS providers and VARS, Morrow added.

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