Metreo Adds 64-bit Support to Price Analysis Solution

Vision 3.0 of analytical tools beefs up scalability and speed, offers new charting and data analysis capabilities

Vision 3.0 of analytical tools beefs up scalability and speed, offers new charting and data analysis capabilities

San Francisco — May 11, 2006 — Pricing solutions provider Metreo has debuted the latest version of its pricing intelligence application, adding support for 64-bit environments and increased scalability to offer greater analytical speed and firepower.

Release 3.0 of Metreo Vision solution is designed to enable users to measure the pricing performance of products, customers and channels to improve decision-making and profitability. The latest version also includes Opportunity Analysis and Scatter Plot Delta tools for improved analysis of pricing trends and variables.

Version 3.0 offers eliminates the four gigabyte memory limitations found in traditional 32-bit environments and provides better access to data sets and unrestricted analysis of records. The 64-bit environment allows decision-makers to gain better access to pricing history — with granularity down to the line items of every invoice — to drive more effective pricing strategy, according to Metreo.

"Metreo Vision 3.0's 64-bit environment provides customers with virtually limitless scalability that enables analysis of large data volumes — millions of records of pricing history — because of the increased amount of memory the solution can utilize," said Jim Clayton, president and CEO of Metreo. "In addition, the new Opportunity Analysis and Scatter Plot Delta tools provide customers with quick, detailed insight that powers better decision-making and pricing excellence."

In addition, the 64-bit solution provides the processing performance and scalability that allows for the incremental loading of data refreshes more quickly, providing the most updated data to make better decisions, the solution provider said.

Chuck Moyer, vice president of marketing and strategy for Metreo customer J&L Industrial Supply, said that, given the high SKU and transaction counts of a broadline distributor such as J&L, by nature the company is going to have very large data volumes.

"Although we are only in the initial phase of its use, we have already found Vision 3.0 to uncover opportunities that should drive significant value for our organization," Moyer said. "We are very pleased with Metreo's ability to quickly identify pricing inconsistencies and provide us with the best options for our valued customers."

The new Opportunity Analysis feature provides a graphical view of margin and where it comes from, enabling pricing executives to pinpoint priorities. The new Scatter Plot Delta tool allows decision-makers to view changes over time by product — whether by revenues, sales or margin — to better analyze trends that help drive more effective pricing decisions.

The Metreo Vision 3.0 price analysis tool is currently available and shipping.

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