Germany's Paulaner Brewing up Improved Demand Planning

Beer maker deploys supply chain solution from Adexa to optimize demand planning operations

Beer maker deploys supply chain solution from Adexa to optimize demand planning operations

Los Angeles — May 31, 2006 — Germany beer company Paulaner Brewery has tapped a solution from Adexa to help optimize the company's demand planning operations, the solution provider has announced.

Tracing its roots to 1634 and currently brewed in Munich, Paulaner is known globally for its hefeweizen, Oktoberfest, Munich lager and pilsner beers, among others. Today it owns the largest, most modern brewery in Bavaria.

Adexa said that its suite of solutions will enable Paulaner's global product distributors to submit their demand forecasts for multiple brands of beer to the brewery via the Internet. Those demand requirements will then be modeled in Adexa's Collaborative Demand Planner (CDP), along with actual orders and historical data, to optimize forecasting, supply chain planning and operations planning.

"Paulaner has been recognized as one of Bavaria's great brewers since 1634, and our legacy of excellence has fueled a rapidly increasing global thirst for our products," said Michael Doetsch, Paulaner's CEO. "In order to profitably meet that demand, while maintaining the highest quality standards, we needed a planning solution that would optimize forecasts, inventories and capacity utilization. Adexa was the only company that proved to us that they could do it."

Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa's president and CEO, noted that Paulaner's demand can be highly fluctuating, depending on multiple exogenous factors such as global weather patterns, national holidays and local promotions. "This creates an extremely complex environment for dynamically forecasting and adjusting operations to achieve higher customer service levels and lower inventory costs," Hadavi said. "Adexa is uniquely capable of delivering industry leading results that improve operational and financial performance."

Adexa's other customers include such companies as AMD, Boeing, Fujitsu, General Motors and Unilever.

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