2005 Supply & Demand Chain 100 Case Study  West Coast Novelty / Technology Group International

Profiles in Supply Chain Enablement: Distributor gets the upper hand on inventory and delivers a slam dunk increase in sales

Profiles in Supply Chain Enablement: Distributor gets the upper hand on inventory and delivers a slam dunk increase in sales

Company: West Coast Novelty (Alameda, CA)
Company Size: Small
Company Sector: Distribution/wholesale
Area(s) of Enablement: Order/Demand Capture, Sourcing, Procurement, Fulfillment/Logistics, Payment, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Integration & Infrastructure
Enabler: Technology Group International (Toledo, OH)

SDCE 100 2005Case Study: West Coast Novelty is the largest distributor of licensed sports, entertainment and lifestyle products in the world. WCN is officially recognized by the NFL, MLB, NBA and Collegiate Licensing (CLC) as a national distributor of their licensed merchandise.

While others in its industry have come and gone, over the last two decades WCN sales have grown at an astonishing annual rate of 27 percent. As part of its efforts to keep up with this rapid growth, the company recently implemented an enterprise resource planning system from Technology Group International.

The primary goals for the company in implementing TGI's Enterprise 21 ERP system included improved access to sales order data, tighter inventory control and the ability to take advantage of radio frequency (RF) and data collection capabilities in the warehouse.

The WCN warehouses are where it all comes together, and these facilities are considered the stars of the WCN team. The company's innovative distribution facilities now use Enterprise 21 to fulfill all aspects of customer service, inventory control and accounting functions.

Within the warehouse, operators can instantly see the entire inventory and order flow with a few keystrokes, ensuring quick and efficient order processing. Distribution staff members use handheld computer scanners to process orders and to relay real-time stock information back into the system's database. WCN' s in-house tracking software monitors each order throughout the WCN facility until it arrives at the retailer's door.

In just four months after completing their implementation of Enterprise 21, WCN had record sales, completing over 40 percent more shipments than the same month the prior year. In addition, the company has reported improved sales order flow and fill rates, as well as increased inventory accuracy and availability through tighter inventory control.

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