Newark InOne Provides RoHS Certificates of Compliance

Downloadable "C of C" backed by distributor's 10-step QA policy

Downloadable "C of C" backed by distributor's 10-step QA policy

Chicago — June 13, 2006 — Newark InOne, a small-quantity distributor of electronic components, test equipment and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) solutions in North America, announced the availability of RoHS Certificates of Compliance (C of C) via its Web site.

Online customers can download a Newark InOne RoHS C of C for each of 250,000+ parts that the distributor has identified as compliant with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive, which takes effect July 1, 2006.

Newark InOne's RoHS C of C links are located in the Technical Information column on its search results pages, as well as on product detail pages. As each C of C is personalized, a simple online registration process is required before the document can be downloaded. Customer-specific information is included along with the description of the part, manufacturer brand name and part number. Customers who order by phone can request that a C of C be sent with their order.

Each C of C is backed by Newark InOne's 10-step quality process, which assures that it has documented that the manufacturer has accurately represented the part's RoHS compliant status. These steps include: conducting a risk assessment process that evaluates the quality of the compliance information it receives from the supplier, asking for additional conformance and testing information when risks are identified, inspecting parts during the receiving process, resolving discrepancies with suppliers, notifying customers when they've purchased a misidentified part, and keeping careful audit trails.

Newark InOne said this is the type of due diligence process suggested by the UK RoHS enforcement agency, the National Weight and Measures Laboratory. Should a product's compliancy status be contested, the producer must demonstrate that it has taken "reasonable steps" to confirm the accuracy of the documentation it received for the parts that were designed in, or assembled into its finished product.

"It is beyond the resources of many of our smaller size customers to be able to implement and execute an effective RoHS due diligence process," comments Jeff Shafer, senior vice president, Product, Newark InOne. "Our certificates of compliance, backed by our QA policy, give them traceability as well as confidence."

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