Sirit Partners with Microsoft on RFID

BizTalk RFID and Sirit's reader technology expected to enable broad range of RFID, NFC apps and solutions

BizTalk RFID and Sirit's reader technology expected to enable broad range of RFID, NFC apps and solutions

Toronto — June 14, 2006 — Sirit Inc., a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) technology, announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft through which Microsoft BizTalk RFID will offer automatic support for Sirit's readers, enabling "out of the box" integration and operation across multiple RFID and NFC applications.

Citing the challenges facing users of RFID reader infrastructure, including time-consuming installation, cumbersome software tools and disparate computing environments, Sirit said tjat By support for Sirit's Plug-n-Play and INfinity readers has been tightly integrated with Microsoft BizTalk RFID. Therefore, users are provided with a streamlined environment and a simplified platform with which to connect applications, processes and device data.

Furthermore, Sirit said its readers support a wide range of frequencies (HF and UHF) and protocols, thereby enabling users of the Microsoft BizTalk RFID to deploy solutions that are optimized for their applications, industries and geography.

"Our relationship with Microsoft signals our move into the next phase of RFID and NFC efforts," commented Chris Leong, vice president, Corporate Development, Sirit Inc. "By taking advantage of Microsoft BizTalk RFID and Sirit's reader technology we look forward to enabling innovative mass-market use cases including smart posters, mobile contactless commerce, real-time inventory visibility, product authentication and supply chain management."

Burley Kawasaki, group product manager for BizTalk Server product management at Microsoft, added, "Microsoft continues to expand its RFID and NFC efforts through the formation of key strategic relationships with leaders in the RFID and NFC field. By having the Microsoft BizTalk RFID support Sirit's wide range of RFID and NFC readers, we are helping customers connect their devices to their critical business processes and applications, delivering increased efficiencies and value."