Emptoris Buys Supplier Assessment Company

Acquisition of Valuedge adds automated supply auditing and measurement capabilities to enterprise supply management offering

Acquisition of Valuedge adds automated supply auditing and measurement capabilities to enterprise supply management offering

Burlington, MA — January 3, 2005 — Emptoris, a provider of enterprise supply management solutions, has acquired Valuedge, a provider of supplier assessment solutions, in a deal that Emptoris said would give its customers access to tools to improve supplier quality and make more informed decisions about their supply base.

Both Emptoris and Valuedge are privately held, and financial details of the deal were not announced.

Emptoris' suite currently includes spend analysis, online supplier negotiation, optimization-based bid analysis, contract management and supplier performance management. The addition of Valuedge's supplier assessment application will help improve companies' ability to boost supplier quality, Emptoris said, by allowing companies to audit supplier business processes and practices over the Internet, and to track and improve supplier performance.

"Maturing sourcing strategies coupled with global inflation and supply constraints are forcing companies to find new ways to collaborate with suppliers to remove waste and drive the next wave of cost and productivity improvements," said Tim Minahan, senior vice president for supply research and strategy at Aberdeen Group. "Supplier assessment is key not only to identifying the right supply partners but also for determining opportunities to eliminate waste, capture innovation and drive continuous improvement across the supply chain."

Avner Schneur, Emptoris' president and CEO, said, "With the combination of Emptoris and Valuedge, our customers will benefit from advanced supplier analytics for identifying, evaluating, selecting and measuring suppliers, while maintaining the ease-of-use and global reach our Internet-based applications provide."

The acquisition also brings Sherry Gordon, the founder and CEO of Valuedge, to the Emptoris team as vice president of supplier performance intelligence. Gordon, who brings over 30 years of manufacturing and supply chain management experience, is a pioneer in enterprise measurement and process improvement techniques.

Before founding Valuedge, Gordon ran the New England Suppliers Institute. She also has worked for manufacturing and distribution companies and major consulting firms. In addition to supply chain management, she has a functional background and expertise in quality, purchasing, and materials.