AD Plastik Improves Production Planning

Reduces labor requirements by 20 percent, also reduces planning time and inventory levels

Reduces labor requirements by 20 percent, also reduces planning time and inventory levels

Atlanta — January 5, 2005 — AD Plastik, a Croatian plastics manufacturer that serves automotive and consumer goods markets, today said it has implemented Logility Voyager Solutions for improvements in manufacturing planning, inventory, visibility and labor reductions.

"Voyager Manufacturing Planning has helped us improve collaboration across departments including sales, logistics, manufacturing and purchasing, and establish centralized capacity planning across all sites using consistent planning rules," said Srdjan Druzeic, IT director for AD Plastik. "We believe these planning improvements and inventory reductions, coupled with more reliable deliveries, will positively impact our business by helping us meet our goal of 100 percent customer service levels."

AD Plastik said Logility Voyager Manufacturing Planning delivered an immediate 20 percent reduction in labor requirements along with reductions in planning time, reduced interruptions to production due to improved visibility; reduced waste due to improved mold planning, decreased inventory levels, and improved planning accuracy.

As part of the implementation process, Logility helped AD Plastik redesign several key planning processes, including the integration of Voyager Manufacturing Planning with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for automatic data flow and the ability to incorporate AD Plastik's complex manufacturing constraints such as daily mold switching limitations, machine capacities by item, multi-step production with complex bills of material and labor constraints.

AD Plastik said it purchased Logility Voyager Manufacturing Planning to better manage production of its plastics and extruded rubber products. Based in Solin, Croatia, the company has three additional plastic production facilities, two in Croatia and one in Romania, and primarily produces interior and exterior automotive products including door handles, dashboards, bumpers, decorative wheel covers, ashtrays and seat covers. It also manufactures consumer goods products such as plastic containers and seals for household appliances.

Prior to Logility, each plant used paper-based planning that occurred by functional area with limited collaboration between departments, much less between sites. The company also had limited visibility of material flow between sites, and had to manually enter plans into a legacy ERP system.