U.S. Army National Guard Gets Technical

Guard signs contract with Enigma for logistics and support app to improve equipment uptime, maintenance

Guard signs contract with Enigma for logistics and support app to improve equipment uptime, maintenance

Burlington, MA, and Rockville, MD — January 20, 2005 — The United States Army National Guard said this week that it has selected the Enigma 3C Platform to create an integrated logistics and support application.

The heart of the integrated solution, which will be deployed on 17 types of fighting vehicles, is a Class V Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) built on Enigma's 3C Platform and delivered via a secured wireless network from 3e Technologies International (3eTI).

The Army National Guard's rollout of this new system is scheduled for the beginning of 2005 and will be implemented in five National Guard Mobilization and Training Equipment Sites (MATES) and Unit Training Equipment Sites (UTES): Fort Indian Town Gap, Pa.; Fort Polk in La.; Camp Shelby, Miss.; Fort Hood, Texas; and Fort Irwin, Calif. The IETMs are expected to provide National Guard mechanics and technicians with real-time access to the specific technical manuals and parts catalogs needed to service more than 2,700 fighting vehicles, including the Abrams tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The Enigma solution links directly into the Army's Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS) and, using the 3eTI wireless network, technicians are able to order parts, report faults and schedule higher-level maintenance from any location. The maintenance solution further supports the National Guard's technology infrastructure by integrating to FEDLOG, the Federal register of suppliers, which contains national stock number and cage code information for the unique identification of vendors.

Enigma 3C is an enterprise application for service and support organizations that accelerates diagnostic, maintenance and repair procedures. Soldiers at MATE and UTE facilities can enter a vehicle's serial number or asset number into the system, and Enigma 3C identifies all relevant technical data, delivering the service and parts information required to upgrade or repair a specific weapon system. Enigma expects the process will facilitate overseas deployment of equipment, making it easier to prepare vehicles for shipment and to repair and overhaul returning equipment.

The National Guard selected Enigma 3C after reviewing work done with Tactical Logistics Data Digitization (TLDD) on the U.S. Army Proof of Enablers (POE). Like the U.S. Army POE, the Army National Guard solution will use Enigma's commercial off-the-shelf software to integrate the technical content for its fighting vehicles into its existing logistics and management systems. The Enigma system will connect at the MATE/UTE site via the National Guard TLDD wireless network built by 3eTI.