Owens Corning Information Access Project Delivers ROI

Owens Corning IT exec shares his company's story in Web seminar

Owens Corning IT exec shares his company's story in Web seminar

Burlington and Westboro, MA — January 26, 2005 — Enterprise data integration provider Ascential Software Corp. and its technology partner Kalido, which provides adaptive enterprise data warehousing software, have released a joint Web presentation of an in-depth case study on Owens Corning.

Owens Corning, a $5 billion leading provider of building materials systems and composite systems with 130 manufacturing plants across the globe, built in just 10 weeks a flexible enterprise data warehouse to support price optimization. Owens Corning implemented its Information Access Project (IAP) using the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to profile, cleanse, transform and move data from disparate systems and multiple applications into the KALIDO application suite for adaptive enterprise data warehousing.

"To effectively compete in today's aggressive environment, Owens Corning required a comprehensive and detailed understanding of its global operations. Given the size, complexity and geography of our business, we needed an enterprise data warehousing solution that could provide us with timely decision support," said Klaus Mikkelsen, global development leader, Information Systems, Owens Corning. "The combined solution from Ascential Software and Kalido has provided us with a game-changing infrastructure within a short timeframe."

According to Mark Smith, CEO and senior vice president of research for Ventana Research, Owens Corning has realized substantial improvement in productivity and operational efficiency, in addition to reducing the sales cycle, with the global IAP. "The solution from Ascential Software and Kalido provides a flexible enterprise data warehousing solution with which Owens Corning powers this unique business intelligence initiative," he said.

The project won Owens Corning the InfoWorld100 award last year. In the Web presentation by Ascential and Kalido, Mikkelsen discusses how his organization overcame business challenges and IT technology infrastructure problems, and built strong partnerships with business leaders within the organization.

Mikkelsen also discusses Owens Corning's process for selecting technology partners for this project, the work undertaken during the 10-week project, and the business and IT benefits Owens Corning has achieved, including streamlining operations, maximizing gross margin and providing management with a single-view of the entire enterprise.

The Webinar can be viewed at Ascential's Web site.