German Metal Products Group Recommends Document Management Solution

Trade association gives thumbs up to SupplyOn app as standard for the automobile industry

Trade association gives thumbs up to SupplyOn app as standard for the automobile industry

Hallbergmoos, Germany — January 31, 2005 — Germany's Trade Association for Metal Products and Related Industries (Fachverband Metallwaren- und verwandte Industrien e.V., FMI) has recommended the use of the SupplyOn document management system in the country's automobile industry, according to an announcement today from the solution provider.

After careful testing, the association has come to the conclusion that the SupplyOn Document Manager meets all of the functional requirements in this sector, the solution provider said. "This solution is capable of significantly enhancing the management and distribution of documents on an inter-company basis," SupplyOn said in a statement announcing the endorsement.

Parts and components suppliers are currently coping with a range of different document management solutions employed by their customers. In view of this situation, industry players increasingly are calling for a standard solution for the exchange of documents.

Given the established cooperation between SupplyOn and the the working party representing industry suppliers, ArGeZ, the FMI decided to test the SupplyOn Document Manager. The trials were conducted jointly with users at the ZF Friedrichshafen AG and members of the German Turned Parts Industry Association (Verband der deutschen Drehteile-Industrie), a division of the FMI.

The results showed that both customers and suppliers benefit substantially from this document management system, according to SupplyOn. In particular, purchasing companies providing their suppliers with standards and drawings are no longer compelled to squander time copying and dispatching documents in paper form.

In addition, suppliers benefit from the permanent access to the latest documents via SupplyOn's Internet platform, which allows suppliers to download documents for internal use. The support for change processes when documents are updated is another advantage for both sides: If changes are made to a drawing, for example, the supplier is automatically notified by e-mail. The system also provides a detailed overview of change histories.

For Werner Liebmann, general manager of the FMI, in view of the many benefits for both sides, the answer is clear: "The SupplyOn Document Manager should become the standard solution for the exchange of documents in the automobile industry."

Currently more than 1,400 suppliers use the SupplyOn Document Manager around 3,500 times each month to call up company standards, design drawings, parts lists, specifications and similar documents provided by their customers — among them Bosch, Continental, Siemens VDO Automotive and ZF.

The solution is available in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian language versions to meet the requirements of companies who do business on a global scale. The Document Manager integrates with the SupplyOn sourcing solution and therefore is also put to use at the request for quotation phase via SupplyOn.

SupplyOn AG is headquartered in Hallbergmoos, near Munich.

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