A Sportingly Good Solution

Sportsman's Warehouse manages growth, complex operations with successful implementation of supply chain execution solutions

Sportsman's Warehouse manages growth, complex operations with successful implementation of supply chain execution solutions

Eden Prairie, MN — February 1, 2005 — Sportsman's Warehouse, a retailer of outdoor products and recreational equipment based in Salt Lake City, said it successfully went live with applications from supply chain execution solutions provider HighJump Software.

The retailer is now using HighJump's applications for warehouse management, wave planning, containerization and management visibility to achieve a higher level of control over its fast-growing supply chain operations.

With revenue growth exceeding 50 percent in 2004, Sportsman's Warehouse said it needed a supply chain execution solution to meet current requirements and adapt easily and cost-effectively as demands change over time. Sportsman's Warehouse worked with implementation firm Q4 to evaluate supply chain execution solution providers, ultimately selecting the HighJump system as the best fit for its flexibility and scalability needs.

HighJump's warehouse management system supports Sportsman's Warehouse's handling and picking of firearms, ammunition, gunpowder and other high-security products. Sportsman's Warehouse must adhere to stringent Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) requirements to track information such as serial number, manufacturer and model during receiving and shipping. The HighJump system allows the company to automate this process. The resulting speed and accuracy help ensure timely completion of BATFE audits.

Sportsman's Warehouse also relies on HighJump's containerization solution to overcome the complexity of building outbound shipments comprising items such as optics, ammunition, cleaning supplies, fishing lines and reloading supplies. Instead of manually determining the most efficient way to group hundreds of different line items, the HighJump solution considers key physical features and directs staff to build loads in an efficient manner.

The HighJump-Q4-Sportsman's Warehouse team completed the implementation concurrently with Sportsman's move to a new facility and implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, all within a four-month period. The team's ability to accomplish these projects is a testament to Sportsman's Warehouse's internal commitment to deadlines.

"We selected HighJump's solutions as the best fit for our business in terms of functionality and the ability to accommodate new requirements," said Chris Utgaard, chief operating officer at Sportsman's Warehouse. "The team at Q4 and HighJump knew we wanted to maximize the value of our investment in a brand-new facility, and we've definitely accomplished this goal. Productivity jumped the first week we turned the system on."