Colorcon Gets Real-time Bar Code, RFID Transactions

Pharmaceutical technologies provider taps ClearOrbit to increase transaction accuracy, reduce human errors

Pharmaceutical technologies provider taps ClearOrbit to increase transaction accuracy, reduce human errors

Austin, TX — February 4, 2005 — ClearOrbit, a provider of real-time supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, today announced that Colorcon has implemented ClearOrbit's Extended Mobile Applications (X.MA) for data capture and process automation for Colorcon's global supply chain operations.

Colorcon is a provider of pharmaceutical technologies and a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. From its global data center in Pennsylvania, Colorcon manages supply chain transactions at more than 20 facilities across North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

The Extended Mobile Applications (X.MA) for Oracle's Process Manufacturing (OPM) is integrated to Colorcon's operating processes and was designed to optimize OPM by "taking the worker to the work." The OPM data model enables real-time visibility into Colorcon's global inventory and supply chain movement, which has lead to increased transaction accuracy with a significant reduction in human errors.

Colorcon also improved material movement and receiving efficiency without adding staff, as ClearOrbit's solution scaled across its supply chain. Colorcon can now perform mobile data capture in new facilities anywhere in the world.

"Our globalization strategy, combined with our need to manage and scale a truly global supply chain, required that we adopt mobile data capture and transaction processes," said Perry Cozzone, chief information officer of Colorcon. "ClearOrbit's ability to simplify and leverage bar code and mobile transactions within our existing OPM system was a critical component in our decision to move away from the more traditional 'best-of-breed' application we had been using. ClearOrbit's built-in RF capabilities give Colorcon a platform to meet our growth and productivity goals."

Tom Dziersk, president and CEO of ClearOrbit, said, that Colorcon is a good example of the global growth enterprise. "Colorcon required a simplified interface and mobile data capture that integrated directly, in real time, to their Oracle data model," he explained. "We enable Colorcon to utilize the same servers and same Oracle database for their supply chain transactions. We provide over 50 types of transactions, so Colorcon can use automatic data capture in a variety of shop floor processes."