ACOM Aims to Automate Corporate Disbursement Process

Option for EZPayManager generates paper, electronic payments, provides notifications

Option for EZPayManager generates paper, electronic payments, provides notifications

Long Beach, CA — February 8, 2005 — The eBusiness Division of ACOM Solutions has introduced an option for its EZPayManager payment management system designed to automate the corporate disbursement process, covering the various phases of the activity from generation of checks and electronic payments to printed and electronic payment notifications performed in transparency to users.

Designated Auto-Process, the module can be scheduled to run at specific times or at fixed intervals throughout the day, according to Sam Mikhail, vice president for sales with ACOM's eBusiness Division.

At scheduled times, the module searches the payment files for any payments that are ready to be issued and automatically initiates the process: merging the payment data with the appropriate stored forms, formatting the merged files and spooling them out for printing production on an MICR-enhanced laser printer or for electronic delivery.

"The convenience factor is readily apparent," Mikhail said. "What is equally important is that users can take advantage of this capability without having to learn new software or to engage in any extra steps."

An automated e-mail feature can be set up to notify the administrator when the process begins and when it concludes, at which time it also reports on any errors that were encountered during the payment run, according to ACOM.

"Auto-Process removes virtually all of the human intervention required to schedule and execute a check run, and its ability to accommodate a variety of exceptions allows it to be highly customized," Mikhail said. "The untended nature of its operations also contributes to increased security in payment operations."

EZPayManager is a payment platform that allows users to perform disbursements by MICR laser check and by direct deposit using the banking industry's ACH network, with both checks and direct deposits executed during the same payment run. A choice of remittance advice options can also be included in the mixed payment run, including printed copies, automated fax, automated secure e-mail, automated secure Web posting and F-EDI, which allows expanded remittance detail to be inserted into the ACH envelope.

Auto-process is priced at $1,495.00 and is available for immediate delivery or download.

For more information on the current state of the payment solutions market, see the article "The Analyst Corner: Payment" in the December 2004/January 2005 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

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