Acsis Launches New Self-Service RFID Package

Quickstart 2 solution intended to help companies evaluate radio frequency ID technologies, speed compliance with industry mandates

Quickstart 2 solution intended to help companies evaluate radio frequency ID technologies, speed compliance with industry mandates

Marlton, NJ  February 15, 2005  Supply chain execution specialist Acsis has released a new pre-configured radio frequency identification (RFID) package to address the needs of companies that need to meet Wal-Mart, Target, Department of Defense (DoD) and other RFID mandates and want to evaluate RFID in their enterprise.

Acsis said that its Quickstart 2 package provides companies with a preconfigured server, software, RFID reader and antennas, smart-label printer and accessories in a package to execute their RFID initiatives. The solution includes support for Oracle Database10g.

"Acsis' RFID solution, combined with Oracle's embedded technology products, enables Acsis to supply their customers with immediate RFID compliance through a product platform providing management functionality, scalability and expertise," said Rauline Ochs, group vice president for North America alliances and channels at Oracle.

Quickstart 2 builds on the first Quickstart program unveiled in August 2004. The original program includes the necessary software and hardware for an RFID deployment, in addition to providing implementation services and support, according to Acsis.

Quickstart 2 includes the same core hardware and software as its predecessor but replaces professional services with self-service tools. Instead of services and support, Quickstart 2 includes online learning tools to give in-house IT professionals the knowledge-base they need to deploy RFID, the solution provider said. Quickstart 2 also provides a server pre-installed with the necessary software applications intended to reduce complexity.

Acsis said its Quickstart programs are designed to help consumer products, DoD and pharmaceutical suppliers meet the specific requirements of their major retailer partners and other organizations mandating RFID compliance.

"We are finding this product is valuable for companies that just want a learning tool to evaluate RFID or want to quickly harness the power of the technology to meet industry mandates using support from their own IT staff," said Steve Brown, executive vice president of marketing for Acsis. "As these companies expand their deployments, Acsis can scale with them providing a compete range of solutions and services for large-scale strategic RFID implementations."

The specific components comprising the package include an online tutorial tool, Dell Server, Oracle Database 10g, a fixed-reader station, smart-label printer, light stacks and Acsis' software infrastructure. The software components included are a limited-license of Acsis' enterprise device integration platform, Data-Link, and EPC Manager modules.

Quickstart 2 is offered at a fixed price and is currently available.

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