Partnering to Streamline Purchasing and Payables Processes

Stout Causey Consulting allies with BasWare to offer financial management solutions

Stout Causey Consulting allies with BasWare to offer financial management solutions

Burlington, MA — February 16, 2005 — BasWare, a provider of software solutions designed to streamline purchasing and payables processes, has partnered with Stout Causey Consulting to provide their corporate clients with BasWare's enterprise purchase-to-pay solutions.

Under the agreement, Stout Causey will supply BasWare's technology to enterprise clients to help improve financial management of end-to-end business processes.

"Our corporate clients demand flexible, cost-effective, and automated tools for managing the mountains of paper and electronic invoices which they generate on a day-to-day basis," said Tom Stout, president of Stout Causey. "BasWare's technology is a natural complement to our services, as we work with clients to establish best practices, reduce costs, recover lost profits and streamline business processes to dramatically improve bottom-line performance."

Stout Causey is known for its expertise in procure-to-pay cycle business process consulting, Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 consulting and related technology implementations.

Stout Causey is the first major North American consulting partnership for BasWare, a subsidiary of Finland-based BasWare Corporation. BasWare expects to expand its reach in the North American markets through this relationship.

BasWare said its enables companies and organizations to reduce costs and achieve better control over the entire purchase-to-pay process. Its product suite includes BasWare Purchase Management, BasWare Invoice Processing and BasWare Document Archiving, as well as value-added modules for order matching and recurring invoice matching.

"BasWare's technology, combined with Stout Causey's seasoned counsel gives companies new insights into their financial business practices and creates compelling advantages," said Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors, a research and advisory consulting firm focused on electronic payments, electronic billing and payment technology services. "Both companies bring strong track records and proven thought leadership to the world of financial process innovation, positioning them to deliver unique value to organizations [that] are ready to embrace the future."

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