Web-based Customer Management Tool for Fleet Management Industry

New solution from Richer Systems Group provides customers access to fleet information via the Web

New solution from Richer Systems Group provides customers access to fleet information via the Web

Calgary, Alberta — February 23, 2005 — Richer Systems Group (RSG), a provider of solutions for the fleet management industry, has launched a new Web-based customer management tool, providing fleet management companies with tools to allow their customers access to fleet information using a Web browser.

Version 5.6.30 of RSG's enrich solution includes Customer Web Access (CWA), a new tool that takes strategic fleet information already stored and validated within enrich and makes this data available in Web-based reports or for download into spreadsheets for further analysis.

Users of the enrich solution can control the type of information available to their customers and provide on-line functionality that maps specifically to a customer's organization and their end-users, RSG said.

Kirk Tilley, vice president of The Tandet Group, a provider of fleet and logistics management services based in the Toronto area, said that CWA has boosted Tandet's information-sharing capabilities. "Not only has it redefined customer service levels, but it has taken our strategic 'open book' commitment with our customers to a whole new level," Tilley said.

Designed to fit within the existing Web sites of enrich users, CWA is pre-built for deployment over customers' existing implementation of enrich. The key areas of functionality included in CWA are: Account Management, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Rental Management, Fuel Management and Information Management.

Tim Bowes, vice president of sales with RSG, said, "The use of enrich CWA positions our customers as innovative market leaders in the fleet management industry and allows them to offer accurate, secure and on-demand fleet information to their customers through their Web site."

"Our customers have access to their fleet information from anywhere — their offices, while on business trips, shop floors, anywhere around the globe," said Jean-Francois Brossard of Location Brossard NationaLease, a full-service fleet management company based in Montreal. "enrich CWA provides all of this automatically, saving us enormous time and effort in responding to customers' requests."

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