Barcoding Inc. Now Offers On Demand Color Label Printing

Provider's new software to comply with industry labeling standards for manufacturers of footwear and apparel

Provider's new software to comply with industry labeling standards for manufacturers of footwear and apparel

Baltimore, MD — March 3, 2005 — Barcoding Inc., a provider of supply chain technology to manufacturing and logistics companies throughout North America, said it has created software to produces color labels on demand at a low cost.

In conjunction with a color label printer from VIPColor technologies, the turnkey system provides compliance with industry specific labeling requirements, such as color code bars and full color pictures.

The first application for Barcoding's system has been VICS (Voluntary Inter-industry Compliance Standards) labeling for footwear and apparel. Manufacturers of footwear and apparel are required to label their products with color codes representing the product's size in order to improve recognition and reduce supply chain errors.

The software works with any relational database, and includes a Web-based management portal. In a distributed environment where the purchaser of a product and the manufacturer could be on different continents, the management portal provides a way to deliver purchase order data and color pictures of the products.

Once the information has been delivered to the manufacturer's Web site, the software stores the label specifications and pictures in a database, and then generates labels.

In addition to labels, the software also produces a label transmission report to identify which labels go with each order.

The cost of color label printing in actual use has been comparable to the cost of traditional black and white label printing using a thermal transfer printer. "We are excited about the possibility of providing on-demand color printing to companies in many different industries," commented Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding's president. "Anyone who has many [stock-keeping units (SKUs)] needs to improve the recognition of their products and reduce the cost of label printing. The bottom line is that a product is not a product until it has a label, and the quality of the label says a lot about the quality of the product."