Exact Software Introduces New EDI Solution for Supply Chains

Exact EDI is designed to provide a seamless pathway to share information, conduct transactions

Exact EDI is designed to provide a seamless pathway to share information, conduct transactions

Chicago — March 7, 2005 — Solutions provider Exact Software today announced the availability of a new electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that provides functionality for customers conducting transactions through a supply chain.

The company said Exact EDI provides greater compatibility with emerging EDI standards and trends. New functionality includes an available Supply Chain EDI solution that enables Exact Software users to transact EDI with suppliers as well as customers.

"To succeed in today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers and their trading partners can't settle for anything less than a seamless EDI pathway to help them move orders and product through the pipeline," stated Christopher Lenzo, director of products and operations for Exact Macola. "Exact realizes how important an efficient EDI solution is to our customers, and we are committed to setting the standard for EDI compliance in the [enterprise resource planning (ERP)] marketplace."

Electronic data interchange is a standards-based format for exchanging business data. EDI networks are based on giving trading partners the ability to feed standardized, formatted data into separate systems on each end of the line.

Exact EDI was created through a partnership with Data Masons Software LLC, a firm specializing in EDI solutions since 1992. Existing Exact Macola EDI users with current maintenance agreements can receive equivalent product at no charge as part of their annual software maintenance subscription.

Exact EDI includes an EDI translator, modular trading partner kits and one-click integration with the company's Macola Progression and Macola ES mid-market ERP solutions. New trading partners can download a trading partner kit from the Web in order to be set up.

With Exact's Supply Chain EDI solution, manual input of daily business transactions conducted with trading partners, such as invoices, receivers and accounts payable invoices, can be virtually eliminated. Additionally, several new EDI sub-modules have also been added as available options, including the Exact Business Network, Public Warehouse EDI, an 852 Product Activity Reporting System, and a 753/754 Routing Request System.