Fashion Manufacturers, Retailers Try On Demand Forecasting, Global Sourcing Apps

Intentia says its Movex Demand and Supply Chain Planner optimizes sales and operations processes for organizations in the sewn products industries

Intentia says its Movex Demand and Supply Chain Planner optimizes sales and operations processes for organizations in the sewn products industries

Schaumburg IL, and Miami, FL — March 15, 2005 — Intentia, an enterprise solutions provider for the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance industries, said it will exhibit its solutions for the apparel industry at Material World, a global conference for organizations in the sewn products industries.

Intentia fashion executives are set to will showcase the capabilities of Movex Demand Planner and Supply Chain Planner that is designed to forecast demand and source materials in today's global business environment.

According to Intentia, part of the Movex Supply Chain Management suite, the Demand and Supply Chain Planner modules, optimize sales and operations processes to achieve supply chain visibility and collaboration across the enterprise.

Fashion manufacturers and retailers are seeking ways to reduce product lead times and excessive stock levels that tie up capital, Intentia said. Movex Demand Planner allows organizations to adapt production and supply to meet evolving industry demands, such as sales targets, promotions, and the buying and selling behavior of customers.

The solution brings together the intelligence of those responsible for forecasting, including logistics managers, account managers, product managers, retailers and suppliers, thus establishing workflow processes that capture and consolidate information that is close to the customer.

With the identified business forecast, Movex Supply Chain Planner then synchronizes the flow of materials through the supply chain and coordinates procurement, production and distribution to ensure the projected demand is met in the most efficient manner. Intentia explained that this creates and streamlines processes, including master production planning, time-phased sourcing rules, stock build plans, high-level capacity decisions and input for supplier agreements.

"Supply chain management for the fashion industry is extremely complex. In today's global environment, manufacturers need technology to navigate the maze of logistics, languages, currencies and regulations," said Bob McKee, Fashion Industry Solutions director for Intentia Americas. "Movex Demand and Supply Chain Planner are built to meet the needs of the apparel industry and help achieve profitability."

Movex Demand Planner also provides features designed for fashion manufacturers and retailers, including a margin calculator that cuts up to 50 percent of the time normally needed to calculate sales prices based on pre-defined margins over cost figures.

Organizations can also establish multi-level forecasting with a hierarchy of demand based on categories such as country, region, customer group, product group or individual item. This gives organizations the flexibility to easily update the central forecast and view or report information in any aggregate grouping.