Improving Demand Planning at Brazil's Companhia Industrial de Vidros

Industrial glass company selects SCC's Zemeter solution to boost forecasting

Industrial glass company selects SCC's Zemeter solution to boost forecasting

Wilmington, DE  March 15, 2005  Brazilian glass company Companhia Industrial de Vidros (CIV) has signed up solution provider Supply Chain Consultants (SCC) to implement a demand planning system in a bid to improve its product forecasting.

Headquartered in Recife. Brazil, CIV is a $100 million division of the ICAL/Cornelio Brennand Group. The third largest manufacturer of package glass in Brazil, CIV's more than 1,000 employees operate four manufacturing facilities, with the capacity to produce 1,000 metric tons of glass a day.

Supply Chain Consultants said that CIV would implement SCC's Zemeter Demand Planning system, becoming the solution provider's first customer in South America. Zemeter software provides such functionality as demand planning, inventory planning, collaborative planning, finite scheduling, production optimization, margin optimization and business intelligence.

CIV is divided into two lines of business making both industrial and household containers. "Our industrial glass products were far easier to forecast than the household goods, which we sell to many small and large retailers throughout the country, "said Odir Pedrazzi, operations director for CIV. "We knew we would vastly improve our business processes if we could more accurately forecast our demand in the retail market."

The glass company is counting on the solution to provide more accurate data about CIV'S hundreds of small retail outlets and major chain store customers throughout Brazil. In addition, CIV wanted a software solution that was user friendly. "We selected Zemeter because of its ease of use and its fast and easy implementation," added Pedrazzi

Bibi Singh, president of SCC, said, "CIV fits the profile perfectly as far as the size and type of business most suited to benefit from our Zemeter supply chain solutions."

The Zemeter sale to CIV was a joint sales and marketing effort with Modus and Qualilog, SCC's partners in Brazil.

For more information on demand planning and forecasting, see the analyst articles in the April/May 2004 and February/March 2005 issues of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.