OAT Offers RFID Data Management System, RFID Design Environment

Provider touts software's ability to accelerate ROI, ease configuration and management

Provider touts software's ability to accelerate ROI, ease configuration and management

Waltham, MA — April 5, 2005 — Radio frequency identification (RFID) framework provider OATSystems Inc. has announced the latest version of the OAT Foundation Suite 4.5, which includes an enterprise RFID data management system that integrates RFID data from trading partners and provides analytics and reporting of goods movement and inventory, and an RFID design environment.

OAT said that companies deploying RFID today face the dual challenge of identifying the long-term return on investment (ROI) of RFID while minimizing total cost of ownership of the solution. The company said its latest software seeks to address both those requirements with its analytics and reporting platform and a flexible design environment.

Prasad Putta, CEO, OATSystems, said, "OAT Foundation Suite 4.5 is unique because it is a foundation for companies at all stages of adoption, whether they are beginning with a small-scale tagging operation or an enterprise-wide deployment across hundreds of facilities."

The software includes enhancements to a number of modules within the product suite, including OATaxiom and OATlogic.

OATaxiom 4.5 provides an analytics platform with an RFID-centric data-cube and pre-built reports. It offers such data as near real-time inventory status by product, location, and retailer; trend analyses on product velocity changes by product, location and retailer; read rate analyses by location, by retailer with comparisons; track and trace reports for complete electronic product code (EPC) history; Web-based portal and interactive interface (drag and drop, pivot, charting, etc.); and export formats to PDF and MS Excel, with scheduled report delivery to e-mail.

OATlogic 4.5 is an RFID design environment, which provides a graphical user interface to design new or modify existing RFID-centric processes and integrations to devices and systems; and rfXML, which is an XML-based process-definition language for designing RFID-centric scenarios and integrating RFID data with existing business processes.

OAT Foundation Suite 4.5 will be generally available in June 2005. OAT said its Foundation Suite 4.5 is deployed behind the firewall and complies with all retailer confidentiality requirements.

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