Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals Tackles Customer Relationship Management

Implementing StayinFront software to support company's growing field force

Implementing StayinFront software to support company's growing field force

Fairfield, NJ — April 6, 2005 — Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals has tapped solution provider StayinFront to provide customer relationship management (CRM) software to support the company's growing field force.

Malvern, Pa.-based Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals is focused on acquiring, in-licensing and developing products for dermatologists and their patients. The company has selected Visual Elk 9.2, the latest version of StayinFront's CRM software, for its field force. Managers will also utilize Panorama, a data analysis and decision-support tool, for real-time information on sales activity and effectiveness.

StayinFront said that Visual Elk is designed to provide a single CRM platform that can manage and integrate all points of customer interaction, including sales, marketing, customer support applications and the Web. The system can be delivered through multiple applications simultaneously: across a network, via the Web or through a remote, disconnected field force, according to the solution provider.

Panorama is a data analysis and decision support tool designed for non-technical users. Through the use of "drag, drop and drill" technology, Panorama can be used to analyze sales, marketing and financial information from relational databases. Panorama can be delivered as a Windows application or through a browser, via the Web.

Chester Valley will leverage the solutions to target and track field activity, manage the field force and ensure compliance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA). The company will deploy Visual Elk on small mobile laptops that are pen enabled to electronically capture signatures.

"Our decision was straightforward," said Boris Meyerson, senior director of Operations and chief information officer for Chester Valley. "While we have had a positive prior experience with StayinFront at another organization two years ago, we still went through some due diligence and studied the market, including recently emerged SFA providers.

Meyerson said that StayinFront's continuous growth in products, as well as the range and depth of the provider's support service offerings, set them apart from others in this space. "Multiple noticeable improvements in the software, as well as innovative approaches to the system's implementation and support did not escape our attention," Meyerson said.

StayinFront's practices of system validation in the context of FDA regulations were another contributing factor in Chester Valley's decision to select StayinFront, according to Meyerson. "With StayinFront, we feel comfortable enough to build our sales organization and deploy SFA at the same time, right from the start," he concluded.