Integrating Partner Relationship Management with Channel Management

BlueRoads adds module to flagship suite to enable vendor to model complete view of partner network, generate more accurate partner recruitment

BlueRoads adds module to flagship suite to enable vendor to model complete view of partner network, generate more accurate partner recruitment

San Mateo, CA — April 7, 2005 — BlueRoads Corporation, an "on-demand" channel management software company, this week rolled out the latest version of its channel management suite, which includes an integrated Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Module.

Part of the BlueRoads 5 suite, the PRM Module enables vendors to model a complete view of the partner network in order to generate more accurate partner recruitment and retention plans and maximize market opportunities around new products, industry verticals and underserved geographies, BlueRoads said.

"Increasingly, PRM capabilities are being seen as just one component of an overall channel management strategy," said Sheryl Kingstone, senior analyst with technology consultancy Yankee Group. "Combining vendor-centric PRM capabilities with partner-centric sales and marketing processes ensures the needs of both sides are addressed, thereby fully optimizing top-line business performance across the entire value chain."

Modeling the Partner Network

Similar to the way in which customer relationship management (CRM) solutions consolidate customer data, the PRM Module, as a component of the Channel Management Suite, consolidates partner profile data in a centralized system, enabling vendors to model a complete view of the partner network, determine channel coverage overlaps and gaps, manage channel program membership and monitor partner commitments and performance, according to BlueRoads.

Features in BlueRoads' PRM module, which will be available this month, include:

  • Partner Registration: Enables partners to register via a self-service Web interface and select the product and channel program components that are best suited to their specific business requirements, helping to reduce administrative overhead for the vendor and to ensure that partner profile data is accurate.

  • Partner Profiling: Depicts a complete view of the partner network, including contact information, partner tier structures, industry and product expertise. The solution dynamically updates profiles based on partner accomplishments such as opportunities closed and revenue generated.

  • Partner Programs: Enables the creation of new channel programs to address changing business requirements, manages program membership by associating partners to programs, and monitors program performance based on partner accomplishments.

  • Partner Coverage Modeling: Reveals operational gaps or overlaps in market coverage and enables vendors to identify market opportunities around new products and industry verticals.

  • Partner Performance: Determines low- or higher-performing selling partners, down to the level of the individual partner salesperson and the opportunities won or lost by associated end-customer.
Modular Solution

BlueRoads 5 is comprised of the Foundation System, which provides a platform for managing administration and the business process backend, and a suite of modules, which provide user-facing functionality. Modules plug-and-play within the Foundation System, so extra functionality can be added as business objectives change, the solution provider said.

BlueRoads said that its overall offering, combined with the other sales and marketing modules, provides an extensive channel management solution designed to drive revenue through end-to-end business process improvement and active partner participation.

"PRM, and the ability to leverage operational data, is an important component of channel management," said Axel Schultze, president and CEO of BlueRoads. "Traditional PRM systems were architected to consolidate and manage data but were not architected to support business process automation, which is a necessary driver for optimizing channel revenue performance. BlueRoads is the first vendor to bridge this gap with our integrated channel management suite and is continuing to provide our customers with industry-leading solutions that enable them to turn their channel into a competitive weapon."

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