Case study: Maxxium Korea Speeds Sales Cycles

Global liquor distributor deploys on-demand "request and approval" solution from Nsite to automate key processes

Global liquor distributor deploys on-demand "request and approval" solution from Nsite to automate key processes

Pleasanton, CA — April 8, 2005 — By deploying an on-demand "request and approval" technology solution from Nsite Inc., beverage company Maxxium Korea is automating key sales, marketing and financial processes, helping to speed sales cycles and increase revenues.

Maxxium is a leading global distributor of premium wines and spirits, whose four equal shareholders include The Edrington Group, Jim Beam, Rémy Cointreau and the V&S Group. Making its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Maxxium employs more than 1,700 people and generated sales of 1.41 billion euros ($1.8 billion) for the year ended June 2004.

Maxxium has a defined strategy for the utilization of world-class technology systems, and Maxxium Korea has taken a leadership role in this initiative.

Automating Processes

Maxxium Korea leverages a number of enterprise applications, but as is the case with many solutions, not all business processes are automated. A common result is that users revert to manual techniques, with e-mail, fax and the "sneaker network" as primary vehicles. Maxxium Korea's goal was to rid itself of a paper-based system that involved multiple redundant steps in the request and approval of even the simplest processes.

Nsite says its sales and finance solutions eliminate a variety of manual processes, from sales information requests to final review and approval of contracts. Users can initiate a business process for sales or finance operations directly from customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to which Nsite has integrated, and adding channel partners requires simply including their e-mail address in a routing.

Data and metrics for a process are captured and stored by Nsite in a database and are accessible for margin, win/loss and deal analysis. The result is continuous improvement of a company's sales and finance operations.

Accelerating Sales Cycles

Delivered via the software-as-a-service business model, Nsite is accessed over the Web by authorized users within Maxxium Korea, as well as external contacts of the company. More than 100 office assistants, sales representatives, brand managers and members of Maxxium Korea senior management use Nsite to automate such processes as sales and marketing activity proposals, disbursement and expense approvals, and HR forms.

Maxxium Korea has realized a significant return on its investment since implementing Nsite. According to Robert Cullins, managing director of Maxxium Korea: "Nsite has enabled us to improve process control and visibility, while reducing the amount of time it takes to review and approve customer orders by 75 percent. For a large and geographically diverse organization such as Maxxium Korea, Nsite can help to speed sales cycles and increase revenues significantly."

Maxxium Korea is a pilot market for the use of Nsite by other Maxxium offices. Continued success has the potential to result in expanded use of Nsite in Maxxium's other offices throughout Asia, Europe and beyond, according to the solution provider.

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