FKI Logistex Upgrades Horizontal Carousel Line

New software and hardware improvements said to offer increased flexibility and control

New software and hardware improvements said to offer increased flexibility and control

Kenilworth, NJ — April 12, 2005 — Material handling solutions provider FKI Logistex has upgraded its line of horizontal carousels, adding software and hardware improvements to offer increased flexibility in the design, specification and maintenance of the carousel systems, and providing an updated set of operating controls.

FKI Logistex said its horizontal carousels are typically used for product picking in warehouse and distribution center operations and in buffering applications for manufacturing operations.

Software improvements to the horizontal carousel line include modifications to the FKI Logistex SpectrumPlus warehouse control system software, designed to maximize and optimize carousel control. Streamlined reporting, improved processing speed and new inventory management functions now provide better control of the carousel induction process, carousel inventories and product replenishment.

Hardware Updates

Hardware enhancements include a new standardized track design, which enables the use of different sized product shelves on the same carousel track. This design change offers increased flexibility in the product mix that can be assigned to a single carousel, according to FKI.

Additional hardware changes include the replacement of DC drives with AC drives and the use of non-proprietary controls. Customers can now specify commercial, off-the-shelf control hardware.

"These enhancements to the FKI Logistex horizontal carousel line provide our customers with more design flexibility and more robust controls," says Dave Simon, director of international sales for FKI Logistex Manufacturing Systems North America. "FKI Logistex continues to set the material handling industry standard by offering customers more choices than any other supplier."

Made in North America

With bottom-drive, top-drive, twin-bin and pallet versions, FKI Logistex horizontal carousels are generally configured for a single operator to pick from a pod configuration of two, three or four carousels under software control. FKI said its systems, in this type of configuration, yield higher throughputs, productivity, order accuracy, service levels and space savings when compared to traditional picking settings employing static shelves.

FKI Logistex is the only bottom-drive carousel manufacturer in North America and supplies horizontal carousel systems for a variety of applications, including automotive spare parts, electronics manufacturing, medical and military supplies, and document handling.

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