Gehl's Taps ERP System to Help Meet Increased Seasonal Demand

Ready-to-eat food company uses Ross Systems solution to integrate purchasing, accounting and logistics

Ready-to-eat food company uses Ross Systems solution to integrate purchasing, accounting and logistics

Atlanta — April 19, 2005 — With warmer weather pushing demand for ballpark and amusement park staples like nachos and chili, ready-to-serve food company Gehl's has tapped an enterprise resource planning (ERP) from Ross Systems to help deliver food to its retail store, restaurant and concessionary customers.

Established in 1894 and headquartered in Germantown, Wis., Gehl's, is the nation's top manufacturer of specialized aseptic food products, supplying more than 100,000 stores, restaurants and concessionaires with ready-to-serve food items.

Gehl's turned to Ross' iRenaissance ERP system when lack of integration and communication lapses among various departments posed a challenge to continued company expansion. Designed to address the specific needs of food manufacturers, iRenaissance provides demand planning tools necessary to optimize Gehl's manufacturing and distribution processes, according to Ross.

In partnership with Ross, Gehl's has established a technology infrastructure, integrating purchasing, accounting and logistics departments to achieve enterprise-wide visibility and support the company's growth, the solution provider said.

"We could not have grown to the level we are at now without a robust system like iRenaissance focused on addressing the unique needs of our industry," said Andy Gehl, president of Gehl's. "Since implementing iRenaissance, we have doubled our business and can effectively plan ahead to optimize demand for our cheese and chili products during peak seasons. In turn, our customer service levels have increased as we've been able to offer new products to our large retail and fast-food customers, including the addition of a private-label line."

With a company-wide inventory management solution in place, Gehl's will be looking to accurately fill product orders with confidence that the inventory is available. Streamlining inventory management has also opened up additional space on the warehouse floor, increasing the room for the company to introduce new product lines. This has allowed continued business growth within the same production facility, according to Ross.

"iRenaissance provides food manufacturers with a strong technology platform and the tools necessary to take advantage of evolving marketing opportunities," said Scot McLeod, vice president of marketing for Ross. "Our focus on the food industry allows companies like Gehl's to capitalize on seasonal demand for products and grow their business, introducing new product lines to meet customer needs."

Ross Systems is a software unit of chinadotcom corporation.

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