Intel and E2open Validating Key RosettaNet Program

Delivering production hub supporting RosettaNet Automated Enablement to help cut B2B integration complexity, costs

Delivering production hub supporting RosettaNet Automated Enablement to help cut B2B integration complexity, costs

Redwood City, CA — April 21, 2005 — Solution provider E2open is in production to validate the new RosettaNet Automated Enablement (RAE) schema and specifications, which are intended to cut the costs and accelerate the time it takes to integrate trading partners including small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), the solution provider announced this week.

E2open said it was able to participate in the validation of RAE because of the technical readiness of its software to support XML schema-based Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) as well as forms-based graphical presentation, the key elements of the new RAE specification.

E2open's RAE capabilities, leveraging the free E2open B2B Client and E2open Integration Platform, are now generally available to help customers integrate with trading partners worldwide using the RosettaNet standard, the solution provider said.

On-boarding Intel Suppliers

Intel and E2open are validating the new RAE specifications and PIP schemas by on-boarding five Intel suppliers in Asia, North America and Europe. Leveraging E2open's RAE-enabled hub, these SME suppliers have joined RosettaNet and are actively participating in the RAE validation with Intel and E2open, according to E2open.

"Working with E2open and leveraging RAE, we've been able to take advantage of our existing RosettaNet investment to integrate with small- and medium-sized suppliers," said John Cartwright, supplier B2B integration manager at Intel. "E2open has worked closely with us to validate RAE and we look forward to leveraging our validation work with RAE to on-board even more suppliers around the globe."

RAE is a foundational RosettaNet program that defines new XML-schema based PIPs, as well as a new approach to RosettaNet-based integration that makes use of simple, human-readable "forms" to exchange RosettaNet data. E2open's free B2B Client and Integration Platform support these new capabilities, and E2open was able to leverage them for use in the RosettaNet validation process with Intel and its suppliers.

Enabling 100 Percent of the Supply Base

E2open said it has experience on-boarding more than 6,000 trading partners around the world. The provider said its software-as-a-service approach to B2B integration enables companies to integrate 100 percent of their trading partners, regardless of size and IT capabilities, at a 50-80 percent savings over traditional approaches to B2B integration, making it an ideal software vendor to provide RAE-supporting technologies.

"RAE is a new technology and standard for enabling companies to reach the goal of enabling 100 percent of their global supply chain networks," said Mark Schenecker, E2open's vice president of interoperability and standards and a key contributor to the RAE program. "Based on our extensive experience, we believe RAE has the potential of significantly reducing the cost and time to integrate trading partners which will result in greater adoption of the RosettaNet standard."

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