Caixanova to Implement Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform

Financial services firm to give corporate users access to consumer, IT and finance data

Financial services firm to give corporate users access to consumer, IT and finance data

Dayton, OH — April 25, 2005 — Caixanova, one of Spain's most prominent financial services institutions, announced today that it will build an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platform from Teradata, a division of NCR Corp.

The multiphase project, currently underway, entails the development of a corporate information system that will give users a single view of the bank's consumer, information technology and finance data. Access to all the information will be enabled through the Teradata platform, which will be integrated with the legacy systems of the bank.

Once Caixanova made the strategic decision to implement an enterprise-wide view of its business, it immediately identified several projects for which a Teradata Warehouse would be essential. Projects currently being implemented include a system to measure profitability, a system to support Basel II and one for fraud prevention.

In addition to Caixanova's four-terabyte Teradata Warehouse and professional consulting services, the bank also acquired Teradata's Financial Logical Data Model, which, because 70 percent of the data is pre-modeled, is expected to accelerate the development of the data warehouse.

Future phases of this project will enable users based at the bank's headquarters to get branch information by means of queries and reports and the implementation of a solution to measure profitability. The last phase of the project would consist of implementing additional functionality focused around administration, marketing and risk areas, customer relationship management and data mining.