MatrixOne Upgrades PLM Offering

Product lifecycle management software said to now give better visibility, control over product development investment decisions

Product lifecycle management software said to now give better visibility, control over product development investment decisions

Westford, MA — May 2, 2005 — Collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions provider MatrixOne Inc. today announced that its latest product release includes upgraded product portfolio management and synchronous product engineering capabilities in order for customers to make more strategic decisions about the development of new products.

Due to mass customizations and personalizations, the number of new products rolled out to consumers worldwide continues to blossom at a record-pace, and companies are forced to spread their limited product development budgets among an increasing variety of new products, according to MatrixOne.

In order to accurately capture customer needs, execute new product development projects and analyze the performance of various product development business processes in real-time, the company said that firms should use a PLM-based product portfolio management solution. When implemented correctly within a PLM platform, MatrixOne explained, portfolio management capabilities serve as the foundation to analyze competing product opportunities, providing management with the information needed to make the funding, development and launch decisions that are increasingly important to a company's future.

In addition to having the proper tools to manage its product portfolio, a company should eliminate the barriers that exist between different design disciplines and work to enable effective real-time collaboration among them all — something known as "synchronous engineering." MatrixOne said that in order for products to be developed on-time and on-budget and with no costly errors, these various disciplines — often comprised of electrical, semiconductor, mechanical and software design elements — should work together on an enterprise product data view that is automatically updated with the latest information, regardless of where the system, design and manufacturing engineers are based in the world.

In addition, the solution should enable companies to adhere to new environmental compliance regulations throughout the product development process.

"With the new product development process becoming increasingly complex, companies need solutions that deliver to everyone touching the new product process the most updated information needed to make informed decisions," said Sam Zawaideh, senior vice president of products and solutions for MatrixOne. "Our product portfolio management and synchronous engineering solutions help organizations eliminate barriers and enable true real-time collaboration and decision making."

MatrixOne said its upgraded PLM offering contains such capabilities as product portfolio planning and project execution; business process performance; synchronous engineering solutions, such as electronics and mechanical design management and software engineering; bill-of-material (BOM) cost analytics; manufacturing BOM management; and finally material environmental compliance for such regulatory measures as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) regulations in Europe.

The new MatrixOne PLM capabilities will be available with Matrix 10.6 in June 2005.