DecisionPoint Releases Upgraded Compliance Software

Software expands packaged analytic content, ensures data integrity between financial performance warehouse and ERP systems

Software expands packaged analytic content, ensures data integrity between financial performance warehouse and ERP systems

San Mateo, CA — May 3, 2005 — DecisionPoint Software, a provider of financial performance management solutions, today announced the availability of Release 11.1 of its Financial Performance Management suite. With this release the company said users can now deliver reports, analytics and dashboards, and the data contained in them will be able to stand up to the audit scrutiny triggered by regulatory compliance requirements.

Addressing the need for tighter, automated internal controls around data integrity and security under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Section 404, DecisionPoint 11.1 includes the industry's a Load Integrity Validation function, which automatically verifies that the data in an enterprise's Financial Performance Warehouse is consistent with the results found in the sourced enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP.

In addition, Release 11.1 also features new ERP security integration, allowing customers to apply the same ERP security definitions to the financial performance warehouse.

"Companies are being asked to put in tighter internal controls around data integrity and access, yet also provide greater information access to all classes of users across all functions," said Barton Foster, CEO of DecisionPoint Software. "DecisionPoint addresses that challenge with our data validation and security improvements."

DecisionPoint 11.1 also extends the analytic content in the Financial Performance Warehouse with a new Property Management Business Domain, a set of nine analytic models to help companies better report, analyze and manage corporate and commercial real estate and improve the returns on real estate investments. Integrated with the other analytic models in DecisionPoint's Financial Performance Warehouse, the company said Property Management is designed to enable corporate real estate managers and chief financial officers to turn real estate from a cost into a profit center.

"DecisionPoint's new Property Management Business Domain will give us access to the detailed information we use to tightly manage our real estate portfolios," commented Kim Autrey, senior vice president — Business Systems of Trustreet Properties Inc. "With the integrated Property Management Business Domain, we will be able to extend the value to our portfolio mangers and company executives by giving them access to the operational and financial data, with the ability to easily drill down to the details they need to stay on top of property and portfolio performance."

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