Road-tested ERP and CRM Solution

Compiere partners' complete quality testing on open-source software app

Compiere partners' complete quality testing on open-source software app

Monroe, CT — May 4, 2005 — Compiere Inc., a provider of open-source business software applications, has announced the release of Compiere ERP (enterprise resource planning) & CRM (customer relationship management) system, version 2.5.2c, with enhanced functionality and stability.

The company said the new version of the software has improved request functionality (issue tracking), batch (expense) invoice entry, and improved security management. This is in addition to the new costing infrastructure for the support of LiFo, FiFo and Average costing.

Compiere said its integrated, adaptable ERP and CRM application is designed for small- to medium-sized enterprises. The Compiere software application is primarily used in wholesale, distribution, retail and service environments, but is also building a user base in other industries.

The new version of the software recently completed quality assurance evaluations and testing, involving many of Compiere's worldwide partners.

e-Evolution, a solution provider based in Mexico, contributed to the quality assurance process for Compiere version 2.5.2c. Victor Perez, president of e-Evolution said, "The coordinated test effort allows us to roll out Compiere to our customers faster. We had all of our consultants conducting evaluations and testing to ensure that Compiere works for us and for our customers in Latin America and Spain."

Kathy Pink, Compiere's support and quality assurance manager, commented that testing an ERP application is not easy, since there are so many different options and scenarios to consider. "Our automated tests make sure that the 'engines' work, but there is no alternative to hands-on testing an ERP application with the very different real world scenarios," she said.

Another participant in the quality assurance process, enterprise solutions provider Adaxa Pty Ltd of Australia, was named the contributor of the year at Compiere's recent Partner Conference. Jorg Janke, ComPiere's president and Project lead, said, "Adaxa helped us significantly to get the requirements right. Their knowledge and experience in ERP helped us to make the right decisions."