eBoomerang Adds Returns Tracking Capabilities

Enterprise returns management software provider beefs up features for repair and refurbishment handling

Enterprise returns management software provider beefs up features for repair and refurbishment handling

San Jose, CA — May 5, 2005 — eBoomerang, a provider of enterprise returns management (ERM) software provider for managing the business process and financial impact of product returns, has rolled out a new solution in its suite, adding capabilities for tracking and controlling returned products requiring repair, refurbishment or recycling.

Companies spend more than $35 billion per year processing returned goods, and most companies can't account for, or have no idea, how much they are losing to returns. eBoomerang says its ERM software includes applications that can track, manage and process returns, helping companies increase profit margins.

The new eRM Shop Floor joins the other components of the provider's Enterprise Returns Management Suite, including eRM Create and eRM Receive. eRM Shop Floor accepts return products that have been approved by the eRM Create module and processed by the eRM Receive module and automatically routes products to the most efficient and logical station in a returns facility, including testing, repair, refurbishment or recycling/scrap.

Item-level Tracking

The new solution tracks each item by its part number and serial number combination, or by an assigned bar code number, providing tracking visibility and financial traceability throughout the process. In addition, the software captures test results, parts used in repair and all associated costs.

"Because eRM Shop Floor is built using cutting edge business rules and workflow technologies, it provides intelligent 'next step' logic that allows repair and refurbishment decisions to be fully automated," said Jeff Williams, vice president of marketing for eBoomerang. "This unique approach saves valuable time and can bypass steps in the process, making the difference between profit and loss."

Full visibility is provided for each returned product, parts consumption and repair labor costs are tracked, and, all information is automatically tied back to the original return request. This allows full visibility of the financial impact of returns throughout the process, as well as providing real-time status to all participants in the returns cycle. The result is significantly reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction, eBoomerang said.