Automating and Managing Global Trade Compliance

UPS now offering software to manage customs clearance, security regulations

UPS now offering software to manage customs clearance, security regulations

Atlanta — May 23, 2005 — UPS Trade Management Services Inc., a unit of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, today unveiled a new software suite called UPS TradeSense. The software is designed for U.S. exporters and importers to manage customs clearance and security regulations associated with global trade.

UPS touted the benefits to companies using this software as increased compliance, lower operating costs and reduced exposure to penalties along with optimization of internal processes.

"The UPS TradeSense technology supports UPS's mission to synchronize global commerce," said Bill Ansley, vice president of UPS Trade Management Services. "Customers now can better coordinate their trade responsibilities to help minimize delays in moving goods across borders that may result from documentation errors or compliance issues."

UPS TradeSense supports several trends in the international trade sector, including the focus on trade compliance and the need to retain and organize trade related information in case of audits by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other government agencies.

UPS TradeSense is a neutral technology platform that can be integrated into almost any IT infrastructure, and it enables the maintenance of all trade-related data in a single location.

The integrated solution has screen-level security protocols controlled by the user's personal identification code. The software can be sold and supported separately or be used as part of a solution provided by UPS Trade Management Services.

The UPS TradeSense software was built with a modular design so that companies can address specific global trade needs, including data storage, import transaction management, export compliance, NAFTA compliance, and drawbacks.

UPS said the new software expands its Trade Management Services integrated portfolio. The wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS Supply Chain Solutions provides trade, tariff and compliance consulting services, technology solutions, educational seminars, and managed services for companies' daily import and export activities.