Avnet Electronics Marketing Eyes Enterprise Date Usability

Adopting solution from Silver Creek Systems to improve the company's business' quotation process

Adopting solution from Silver Creek Systems to improve the company's business' quotation process

Louisville, CO — May 25, 2005 — Components distributor Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas has tapped an enterprise date usability solution from Silver Creek Systems to help improve the company's business quotation process.

For a distributor such as Phoenix-based Avnet Electronics Marketing, data usability is critical. From maintaining a multi-million item product list from nearly 200 suppliers, to responding to sales inquiries from thousands of customers, the company must make sense of huge volumes of disparate data from a variety of sources in order to run its business.

"The issue of incompatible data is one our industry has been struggling with for years," said Pat Wastal, senior vice president of Avnet's interconnect, passive and electromechanical (IP&E) product group. "Working with Silver Creek Systems, we believe we can significantly improve the completeness and timeliness of our customer interactions, resulting not only in our ability to quote millions of dollars more business each month, but also improving customer satisfaction."

Incompatible data impacts all business systems — from supply chain integration to business intelligence to how a customer call is handled. Silver Creek said it uses its Data Refraction technology in its DataLens System to help companies like Avnet deliver usable data on demand from disparate systems, making enterprise-wide data integration possible even for complex and variable data such as product information.

"Our suppliers and customers give us product data in a wide variety of formats and standards," said Bob Pischke, vice president of enterprise applications at Avnet. "We need to understand inconsistent and incompatible data from literally thousands of sources, which can be difficult and time-consuming. We looked at a variety of technologies to help improve our processes and determined that Silver Creek Systems' product would help us more effectively meet the needs of our customers and suppliers."

Although most data integration tools can move data between systems, Silver Creek said its DataLens System automates human subject matter expertise to ensure the data usability and integration between systems.

"Avnet Electronics Marketing is at the forefront of companies who are working to not only connect their data, but actually make it usable across all aspects of their business," said Barbara Mowry, CEO of Silver Creek Systems.

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