Avnet Forms Alliances for Component Obsolescence Support

Program tackles challenges of component end-of-life; aerospace and defense seen particularly benefiting

Program tackles challenges of component end-of-life; aerospace and defense seen particularly benefiting

Phoenix — June 6, 2005 — Avnet Electronics Marketing (EM) has engaged with a group of service providers to deliver a suite of services designed to assist customers with issues related to product obsolescence.

Avnet's partners in this alliance include Rochester Electronics, Austin Semiconductor, Micropac, Twilight Technology and InnovASIC. These companies have expertise in either after market inventory, custom packaging or product emulation.

Avnet said that this suite of services will be of particular interest to companies serving the defense/aerospace industry, where end product life spans can be much longer than that of the components used to build them. When replacement parts are needed, often these parts are no longer available. With the defense/aerospace industry's increasing reliance on commercial off-the-shelf components (COTS) this challenge has become more pronounced.

"Avnet provides support throughout the end-of-life process," explained Bryan Brady, Avnet vice president and director of the company's Defense-Aerospace Business Unit. "When the EOL notification comes out, we notify the customer so they can forecast a last time buy (LTB). When the LTB has passed and the customer still needs parts, we work with Rochester, an aftermarket inventory provider. Once Rochester cannot meet the customer's needs and there are still die available, we source from Austin Semiconductor, Micropac and Twilight Technology. When there is no longer any die or packaging available, we help the customer emulate the component's functionality in an ASIC from InnovASIC Semiconductor. It's a total solution."

"We are very pleased to join this alliance to better serve the defense/aerospace industry," said Mark King, chief operating officer at Micropac Industries.

Said Randy Green, president of Twilight Technology, "Linking our specialized services with Avnet Electronics Marketing customers will help alleviate the challenges that arise when commercial components become obsolete in critical defense/aerospace systems."

"InnovASIC has established a unique process and technology that allows us to rapidly design a pin-compatible and 100 percent fully function-compatible replacement for embedded microcontrollers and peripheral ICs," said Michael Berg, vice president sales and marketing of InnovASIC Semiconductor. "Joining this alliance brings this technology to the challenge of obsolescence parts, adding another option to the suite of solutions available to Avnet customers. It's a valuable total service offering."

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