G-Log Adds Procurement, International Trade Logistics Functionality

Version 5 of logistics solution offers new automation, analytics features to help manage complex global supply chains

Version 5 of logistics solution offers new automation, analytics features to help manage complex global supply chains

Shelton, CT — June 13, 2005 — Logistics solution provider G-Log today released the latest version of its G-Log Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software, adding automation and analytics functionality, as well as new functionality for procurement, warehouse management and international trade logistics.

G-Log said that the Web-native GC3 platform was designed to support a global logistics network and, as such, monitors, analyzes and optimizes a range of supply chain factors when managing that network.

Version 5.0 of GC3 further refines the monitoring, process automation, exception management and visibility functionality available in previous product releases, and adds new areas of functionality such as procurement, analytics, warehouse flow management and international trade logistics.

New Features

Altogether, the 5.0 software release offers 60-plus new or upgraded features to the GC3 system, including the following components:

Analytics — Replacing manual, spreadsheet-based analysis, the analytics solution is an extension of the GC3 platform that leverages the software's built-in intelligence and global data model. Through a metric-driven dashboard interface, the new component is intended to give VP- and C-level executives a real time view of key performance indicators (KPI's) to assess the health of the logistics network and drill down to pinpoint specific problems. In addition, service providers can also view their own scorecards.

Procurement — Leveraging carrier rates, inventory and geography constraints, and shipment history stored in the GC3 global data model, the G-Log system forecasts demand across the logistics network, collaboratively creates bid packages, secures the best rates and automatically awards carrier contracts.

International Trade Logistics — G-Log has extended its brokerage and forwarding capabilities for processing logistics service providers' complex, time-sensitive, cross-border shipments, enabling them to use GC3 as their logistics back-office system for managing all their international trade services and computing total job costs, which companies use to determine the profitability of a transaction.

Warehouse Flow Management — In an effort to offset the current freight capacity crunch and revised hours of service regulations, G-Log said that GC3 now offers an appointment scheduling component to streamline the management of appointments at a warehouse dock, helping to ensure minimal waiting time for drivers, increased asset utilization and decreased detention time. This collaborative offering can also benefit shippers as they are perceived as "easy to do business with," often earning preferred customer status so that their freight receives the highest priority.

Pricing for the G-Log GC3 version 5.0 software and associated professional services is based on customer requirements. It is available immediately.

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