Viacore Touts Support for Sharing Real-Time RFID Information

BusinessTone solution enables the development of information networks required for radio frequency identification implementations, provider says

BusinessTone solution enables the development of information networks required for radio frequency identification implementations, provider says

Irvine, CA  June 14, 2005  B2B connectivity specialist Viacore has released its BusinessTone solution for companies that need to share radio frequency identification (RFID) information with trading partners and that are looking to maximize the value they receive from using RFID tags by providing a real-time information network for all of their inter-enterprise processes.

"RFID information is a perishable commodity," said Fadi Chehadé, chairman and CEO of Viacore. "Companies are investing millions of dollars to track material goods via RFID tags, but [they] have not built or optimized inter-enterprise information networks needed to share this information in real time or incorporate it into enterprise applications."

Viacore is positioning the solution as being ideally suited for sharing RFID electronic product code (EPC) information, along with other XML-based B2B processes. It provides a centralized integration management interface that offers companies an aggregate and standardized view of partner on-boarding and process exchange activity, including business key performance indicators (KPIs).

In addition, BusinessTone is enterprise application-independent, enabling companies to integrate customer and supplier information into a variety of business intelligence, supply chain management and enterprise resource management applications, according to the solution provider.

Viacore said that versions of the BusinessTone solution have helped its clients save more than $500 million over the past four years through the development and management of real-time information networks. These savings have come from early warning and correction of information disconnects which have led to lower expedited shipping costs, higher order fulfillment rates and increased customer satisfaction, the solution provider said.

The solution simplifies the creation and management of real-time information networks, according to Viacore, by providing a Web-based platform for managing and optimizing complex partner on-boarding; process exchange monitoring and alert/exception management; testing and diagnostics; service level management; and performance management.

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