Loftware Offers "All-in-one" RFID, Bar Code Solution

Targets new printing systems at mixed environments in companies laying groundwork for compliance with radio frequency identification mandates

Targets new printing systems at mixed environments in companies laying groundwork for compliance with radio frequency identification mandates

York, ME — June 17, 2005 — Bar code pioneer Loftware has debuted two "all-in-one" printing systems for radio frequency identification and bar code labels, targeting the new systems at companies laying the groundwork for compliance with RFID mandates from their customers.

Loftware said it has combined its supply chain bar code printing software with its latest RFID technology to create an all-in-one package intended to help companies cope with accelerating RFID compliance mandates. Both new systems include features that preserve an organization's current bar code labeling infrastructure, the solution provider said.

"Offering an affordable, off-the-shelf, all-in-one bar code and RFID marking system is making a big difference in streamlining and controlling a customer's internal costs as well as maximizing their return on investment for mixed marking environment", said Eric Anderson, Loftware's CEO.

Entry-level, Advanced Offerings

The new entry-level solution, called RFID Starter, is available immediately and, Loftware says, is a fit for companies whose requirements for bar code printing and marking RFID label tags is limited.

RFID Starter is a two seat RFID and/or bar code printing-capable software solution designed to let tier-two and tier-three companies facing limited RFID compliance demands meet their current mixed compliance requirements for bar code label and RFID printing software. The unit has a base price of $1,995.

Loftware said the second newly configured offering, called the RFID Premier and also available immediately, features a more comprehensive license for users that require more integration flexibility, business intelligence and additional features and benefits, including support for the recently released Loftware Connector.

The Connector, sold separately, provides direct connectivity to a company's existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), mobile supply chain applications (MSCA) or other supply chain application. RFID Premier offers a 10-seat enterprise solution and features a user configurability option that allows up to five printers to be assigned to RFID output. It has a base price of $6,995.

Separately, Loftware announced it currently has various ongoing pilot programs with major organizations seeking the best RFID software systems for their own use or as potential OEM components in their own products sold directly to end users or through channels. Some of the companies named by Loftware as pilot program partners include IBM, Oracle (U.S. and U.K.) Microsoft, Xterprise, International Paper and CapGemini.

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