LuminentOIC Readies Products for RoHS Compliance

Fiber optic component supplier selects PLM software from Omnify to aid compliant product design

Fiber optic component supplier selects PLM software from Omnify to aid compliant product design

Wilmington, MA — June 20, 2005 — LuminentOIC, a supplier of fiber optic components, today said that it is using Omnify Software' product lifecycle management (PLM) software to manage product development across its enterprise and design products to meet the European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives.

LuminentOIC initially implemented the Omnify PLM solution to streamline its product data management and internal control processes. Today, LuminentOIC is also using Omnify PLM to develop products that meet the new RoHS environmental compliance directives introduced by the EU.

Effective July 1, 2006, the RoHS directive seeks to restrict the amount of hazardous materials used in electrical and electronic products. Every company producing or shipping electronic products or components into the European Union must comply with this directive.

"Although the deadline for deployment of RoHS compliant products is still a little over a year away, design and re-qualification of compliant products is happening now," stated Marco Comerchero, director of IT for LuminentOIC. "The Omnify PLM solution facilitates our RoHS compliant supply chain management directives."

Omnify provides a means of classifying the complete material composition of a product and identifies it as either compliant or non-compliant. Omnify can store and manage all of the materials declarations and certificates of compliance provided by suppliers as well as produce a complete report that identifies compliant and non-compliant items at any level of the product's composition (part, sub-assembly, top-level assembly, etc.). Omnify can also export all associated information and certificates into a bundled report.

"Being pro-active and taking steps to design compliant products now will save our customers from costly and time-consuming design effort, as well as help them continue to deliver high quality products to their market," commented Alaine Portnoy, director of Product Marketing for Omnify. "Omnify's solutions enable companies to meet the new standards set forth by the EU, while also increasing collaboration in the product development cycle and reducing costs and time spent on delivering products."

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