Zethcon Corp., Blue Sky Logistics Partner Supply Chain Visibility

Zethon to use suite of apps from Blue Sky to increase its customers' visibility and analytical abilities

Zethon to use suite of apps from Blue Sky to increase its customers' visibility and analytical abilities

Park Ridge, IL — June 20, 2005 — Warehouse management and logistics technology provider Zethcon Corp. said today that it will be integrating Blue Sky Logistics' Insight software as part of its own suite of supply chain technology offerings.

Insight is an integrated suite of Web applications that uses existing software, such as warehouse management systems, to provide a real-time view of supply chain information. Zethcon expects its customers to have increased visibility and analytical abilities with the software, as well as reduced operating costs due to improved communication.

Insight consists of three interrelated products. The first is Customer Insight, which is targeted for the stores or customers of the distributor. It is designed to provide access to order statuses and history, real-time inventory and product information, supplier communications such as recall notices and promotions, and correspondence from the distribution center.

Facility Insight is the next product, and it is aimed at the employees of the distributor. It is designed to allow the distributor to monitor the efficiency of the facility via key performance indicators (KPIs); communicate with suppliers, customers or stores; and track inventory inside and outside the warehouse.

Finally, Supplier Insight is designed to be used by the suppliers of the distributor. It allows the supplier to respond to requests from the distributor, view aggregate statistical information about the demand and history for its products, track inventory levels in the distribution center, and send timely information to the distributor and the stores. Supplier Insight will also track supplier activity.

After reviewing Insight's functionality and assessing its potential impact on our customers' operations, we came to the conclusion that partnering with Blue Sky was a win-win in every respect, said Chris Oechsel, president and CEO of Zethcon. Our customers will see returns in terms of supply chain visibility, customer satisfaction and cost containment, and the fact that our systems are now fully integrated with Insight means that these benefits can be realized with a minimum of hassle and cost.

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