Symbol Introduces Scanner for Small Businesses

Provider said minimal investment is needed for companies to use the technology

Provider said minimal investment is needed for companies to use the technology

Holtsville, NY — July 14, 2005 — Symbol Technologies Inc. has introduced the LS9203, a bar code scanner for small and mid-size retailers to increase productivity and real-time data capture capabilities for enterprise mobility systems.

Designed for applications where counter space is at a premium, the LS9203 scanner incorporates omni-directional scanning, eliminating the need to orient the bar code for faster and more accurate read rates.

Potential end-users include small retailers, customers replacing paper-based accounting of inventory, and store owners seeking a better idea of what is selling to adjust stock according to demand.

The new LS9203 bar code scanner is designed for small retailers and local neighborhood merchants, such as convenience stores, hardware stores, card stores and boutique shops, that need a scanning solution with minimal investments, said Bob Sanders, vice president and general manager of Symbol's advanced data capture division. We are providing today's smaller retailers with the enterprise mobility tools necessary to improve customer service, increase customer face time and reduce checkout time.

The new LS9203 scanner enables more accurate and fast reading of bar codes to reduce customer checkout time. For added flexibility, users can switch between hands-free and handheld mode so that store associates can scan hard-to-reach bar codes, such as those on large or bulky items that cannot be lifted to counter level.

The LS9203 scanner also features built-in shock mounts for increased durability, as well as multiple interface support and universal cables for investment protection.

Symbol said its global services division offers services designed to increase uptime for enterprise customers. Services developed to meet the specific needs of the LS9203 in an enterprise setting include Service Center Bronze for support, repair and maintenance, and Advanced Exchange for quicker, more efficient next-day replacement option.