Infor Integrates Labor Data Collection with Payroll and Policies

New VISUAL Time & Attendance solution automates shop floor job costing

New VISUAL Time & Attendance solution automates shop floor job costing

Atlanta — July 21, 2005 — Enterprise solution provider Infor has released a new offering designed to automate time and attendance tracking, shop floor job costing, gross compensation calculations and payroll data interface in real time.

With the new VISUAL Time & Attendance solution, Infor is broadening its enterprise resource planning suite for discrete manufacturers, Discrete Manufacturing Essentials. As part of the suite, the automated VISUAL Time & Attendance solution was designed to standardize processes and policies, and eliminate the lost productivity costs of lengthy manual procedures and human error involved in processing timecards.

This paperless solution enables employees to electronically clock in, creating a data exchange with Infor's VISUAL Payroll or other payroll processors. Individually configurable data collection stations track employee attendance, electronic time sheets and manufacturing labor information.

To ensure legal compliance and consistency, VISUAL Time & Attendance allows the definition of compensation rules, work cycles, pay calendars, premium rules and shift differentials. Additionally, the software's audit trails can help increase management awareness.

Infor said that VISUAL Time & Attendance is fully integrated with the provider's VISUAL Enterprise for labor tracking. In addition to hourly and salary employee pay tracking, VISUAL Time & Attendance also supports a flexible set of piecework and incentive rules, automating the calculation of complex gross earnings in preparation of payroll entries, according to the solution provider.

Customers such as Precision Components Company are already using VISUAL Time and Attendance to improve its overall tracking processes. "Infor VISUAL Time & Attendance reduces costs and errors by synchronizing data to eliminate redundant data entry, automating the generation of standard work schedules and connecting with mobile workers, as well as employees on the shop floor," said Ken Kellenberger, corporate IT manager with Precision.

Kellenberger added that he believes a return on investment in the new Infor solution was possible within three to six months after implementing the application.

VISUAL Time & Attendance is available in limited license and full-scale versions for systems currently running Infor VISUAL Enterprise 6.3.8 and later.

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