Sparton Corp., RiverOne Team to Drive Supply Chain Excellence

Solution to allow Sparton to manage multiple business models with a single platform

Solution to allow Sparton to manage multiple business models with a single platform

Irvine, CA — July 26, 2005 — Sparton Corp., an electronics design and manufacturing services provider, is set to deploy RiverOne's INTERACTIVE solution to drive shared business processes with customers and suppliers.

Sparton, one of the longest continually listed manufacturers on the New York Stock Exchange, has distinguished itself over the decades through its ability to evolve business models, products and service offerings to meet the needs of changing market conditions.

"Sparton's success and longevity is largely due to our keen eye to competitive trends and our ability continuously to reinvent ourselves," said David Hockenbrocht, Sparton CEO. "By leveraging industry shifts from the outset, we have always been a step ahead of the competition and moving to the next level. RiverOne's approach to controlling supply chain relationships in complex, outsourced environments, meshes with our vision and will support us regardless of how our business model continues to evolve."

Founded in 1900, Sparton is both an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and an electronics manufacturing service (EMS) company. It has manufactured and marketed products under its own name, including its Sparton brand radios, and provided ODM services, including the sonobuoys it manufactures for the U.S. military.

More recently, the company has entered the EMS market with outsourced design and manufacturing capabilities based primarily in the USA. A key to its longevity is Sparton's willingness to embrace change and to adapt to changing market dynamics. Sparton has developed its own collaborative supply chain control solutions, but with the continued growth of data and transactions across increasingly complex models, Sparton needed additional capabilities. With INTERACTIVE, Sparton said it will be able to effectively manage several diverse supply chain operations with a single control system.

Sparton will deploy the complete INTERACTIVE-hosted solution across an international, multi-tiered supply and manufacturing value chain that includes design, manufacturing, and component suppliers, as well as distribution partners. INTERACTIVE will add to the capabilities of existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems at Sparton, replace others, and provide online collaborative tools and programs for Sparton's key partners.

Sparton expects benefits from the deployment, including scalability to support future growth — such as a recently opened plant in Vietnam — system upgrades, and supplier performance metrics. In addition, because INTERACTIVE will be deployed as a hosted solution, Sparton's IT department can concentrate on core competencies, rather than building and maintaining business control software.