Gatorade Quenches Thirst for Supply Chain Solution in Mexico

Rehydration products company marks 10 years of working with service provider Exel in Mexican market

Rehydration products company marks 10 years of working with service provider Exel in Mexican market

Columbus, OH — July 29, 2005 — Here's a factoid for you: Every Gatorade product consumed in Mexico is touched by the hands of an employee from logistics service provider Exel.

That adds up to approximately 20 million cases of Gatorade's rehydration products handled by Exel employees in an average year, in addition to all marketing products and raw materials to feed production lines.

This year Exel's consumer sector in Mexico is celebrating a decade of service to Gatorade, and at a recognition event that took place at Exel's headquarters in Mexico City last month, Gatorade presented Exel with a crystal award marking "10 years of shared accomplishments."

More than 20 officials from both companies were in attendance, including Henry Gomez, general director, Gatorade in Mexico, and José Nava, Exel's vice president, Mexico.

Throughout the past 10 years, Exel has expanded its relationship with Gatorade from coordinating warehousing and freight management services in three locations to managing the entire supply chain process in more than eight locations.

"Exel's ability to manage the administration process from the beginning of the supply chain until the product is in the hands of consumers has helped to cement the relationship with Gatorade in Mexico," said Juan Carlos Aderman, Exel's operations director, Mexico. "We are confident that our collaborative approach will deliver value for many years to come."

Gatorade was one of Exel's first accounts in Mexico. Exel is a U.K.-listed, FTSE 100 company, with a turnover of £6.3 billion ($11.1 billion), and employs over 111,000 people in 2,000 locations in over 135 countries worldwide.

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